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SECT XVX is a 5 piece vegan straight-edge metallic hardcore band formed in 2015. You can almost loosely call the band a “supergroup”. Since each of its members comes from a previously somewhat known band. SECT XVX is made up of guitarists Scott Crouse of Earth Crisis. James Chang of A Plea For Purging. Vocalist Chris Colohan of Cursed. Bassist Steve Hart of Day of Suffering. Finished up with drummer Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy. Yes, you read that correctly, Fall Out Boy. Sticking to his roots Andy moonlights heavily in the hardcore world. He shared duties in The Damned Things and Racetraitor. He even fills in on drums for Earth Crisis) when he isn’t writing, recording, or touring the world in FOB.

Chris Colohan of SECT XVX / Cursed

Even with having a superstar drummer in the band, I really didn’t know much about them or their sound. The band sounds like early hardcore mixed with the speed and thrash of current crossover metal. Which makes sense if you were paying attention earlier when we went through the lineup. Riffs churned out by Scott and James blended with the playing of Steve and Andy really make for a great project. Then you throw the vocals of Chris on top of it, turn the speed up a little and you have a very fast, loud, and heavy barrage of sounds. The band just released its third studio album, “Blood of the Beasts” in August of 2019. It clocks in at a little under 18 minutes in full.

Sext XVX Lambgoat Podcast

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Day of the show we pick Chris up from the venue, which is roughly about four blocks from my place and knocked out the podcast (which is viewable right above). Chris and I bond over being Canadian and drank maple syrup. We were on a time crunch, unfortunately, we both had commitments at the venue. However, SECT XVX was not the only one booked at Rain Dogs that night, I too was. SECT XVX would play their show in the back room and I would supply my DJ skills to the front room. When I have been booked at Rain Dogs I have been allowed to spin hardcore, metal, and all the in-betweens of the heavy genres.

Sext XVX live at Rain Dogs.

SECT XVX live at Rain Dogs for Lambgoat

Back to the blog.

SECT XVX had their merch table set right next to the area Rain Dogs designate for a “DJ booth”, so we had a great time after they played. The band made some song requests, we chatted and laughed more, and Chris even did some bad karaoke to a Black Sabbath (with Dio) tune. I should also probably remind you that most of (if not all) the bands on this show were straightedge, this show was in a bar, and I am not straightedge.I don’t drink as often these days but every now and then I indulge. So by this time in the night, I had a few and I can also admit I tried my hardest to not be that drunk guy talking with Chris and James toward the end of the evening. To which I did succeed, no one likes ‘annoying drunk guy’.

SECT XVX “Blood of the Beast” on Clear Vinyl (limited to 500)

I always enjoy meeting new people and making somewhat of a connection with them without trying hard. Chris is a down to earth, awesome, and an all-around laid back hardcore kid that just grew older. Because he still holds on to his morals from his teen life and upbringing, whether it’s through his paternal family or the hardcore scene family. I am glad to have had the chance to sit down and have an open conversation with him was able to bro out Canadian style.

Side note: I was able to add Sexct XVX’s tour variant vinyl to my collection.

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