We’re going to start fresh

In my 4,000,000th attempt to blog or force myself to write, here I am. I pay for this website yearly so I may as well utilize it. I don’t have time really to write or even think about what to use this website for, but maybe that is why I am deciding to use it. Maybe this is really just a test for myself to see if I can etch out minute sections of the week in order to create something to put in this space.

I am not a good writer. I would even go as far as to say I am not a writer at all. In fact part of the reasoning for putting this off over and over again is because I lack any kind of confidence in my writing abilities. Another reason being that I also have ADHD and that makes sitting down on focusing on typing shitty sentences a bit hard at times. As far as proof reading and editing? I don’t have time for that.

Nonetheless, here we are. I am not going to use any sort of copy editor or AI to help me on this journey. I am going to just let it spew out from the head through the fingers to the web. Great idea, I know. Over time I am hoping that maybe I become better at writing and if I have done that I have also accomplished carving out time during the week to focus on enough writing for it to improve in general. Sounds like a solid plan.

What will go here? I have no idea. When I think about it my head goes blank white and I think that I have nothing interesting to say, to show, or going on in my life. Which is wrong. I have a ton goin on right now. So much so that I am actually busy for once in my life. Like adulting and stuff. But maybe I can use this for not just mindless rants but for documenting my running, cooking, music, etc.

The canvas is blank and here I am putting the pen to the pad so to speak. Where we will go? Who knows.






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