Frail Body House Show & Podcast

It was a Wednesday evening in late January. A somewhat crappy van with Illinois plates pulled on to my street, parked, and the three young men of Frail Body empty out. A week prior I had sent a last-minute email to one of Deathwish Inc‘s newest post-hardcore/screamo bands. Inviting them to be on Lambgoat‘s podcast to promote their album they released two months earlier. I was fortunate to have them get back to me and agree.

Frail Body
Nic, Lowell, and Nick of Frail Body

Lowell, Nic, and Nick arrived to my place early. I had to entertain a group mid-twenty-somethings that I had just met and knew little about. Without trying to ruin any kind of “good podcast content” before my cameraman JP showed up. After quick introductions, one by one the boys ask to use my bathroom. They each were in the bathroom for a short but extended amount of time. Not super long, but long enough for one to notice more than once. I know how hard it is to find a somewhat clean and private area to do more intimate procedures. I was in a band before too, so I don’t say anything or let it bother me. Therefore I am very glad to help out if needed.

JP arrives and we cut the pleasantries short, we are on a somewhat tight schedule this evening. Not only were we recording a podcast with the band but we are also trying to record both touring band’s live sets for the first time at a venue we have never been to or heard of. We finally sit down to record the episode with guitarist Lowell and bassist Nic. It goes extremely well. Both of them were fairly friendly and easy to talk to, which is always a plus but isn’t always the situation on these podcasts. Nic (drummer) did not stick around for the podcast and had made his way to the venue to check-in and what not.

Frail Body on The Vanflip Podcast

After the podcast, JP and I took Lowell and Nic to the venue. Which is less than a mile from my house. As mentioned earlier we had never heard of this venue so we didn’t know what to expect. We pull up to an older early 1900’s style house in the middle of a city neighborhood, called The Woodroom. It turns out the venue for tonight is actually a house that just throws shows, far from your typical venue. We all exit the car, I offer the band one of my frosty tall boys we brought with us; they kindly decline. I offer them to smoke a joint with me prior to going in. They graciously decline and head on inside to get set up.

As JP is making final adjustments to his camera and I take sips from my PBR can, I fire up the joint. It was originally rolled in anticipation of having others smoking it with me, so it is a tad bit bigger than usual. After some time I finished the entire thing alone, JP did not help me carry that burden, and we start to head inside the house.

Harbor Lights
Harbor Lights playing The Woodroom

There is the standard group of individuals you’d see outside of a punk/hardcore shows. They are smoking cigarettes by the front door in between a trans-pride flag and a tip bucket asking for donations to pay the bands. As we walked through the front door I felt transported into an early 2000’s teen college movie. Maybe it was a combination of the excitement for the show, the odd setting, the beer, or the marijuana but we stepped into American Pie or Old School. JP and I were clearly the oldest guys that looked like cops, but at least we brought our own beer and we put it in the fridge. It was hilariously awesome.

Making our way inside between bands setting up, you As you walk into the living room you see a wrap-around couch and a window in the middle of the wall looking into what seems to have been a patio or sunroom that was lined with wood. Turns out the venue is actually the small room in the back of the house, The Woodroom. To the right is a cleared out room where the bands have merch for sale, if you walk through that room you make your way back into the kitchen and around to where the bands play. There is a very unique vibe. Seemingly a full-on college house party on a Wednesday night. It’s awesome and a nice break from the usual show.

Frail Body
Frail Body playing The Woodroom. Living room window.

Harbor Lights plays first of out of the touring bands, I hadn’t really heard anything by them until earlier in the day but they were awesome, to say the least. A real surprise and being in an intimate venue setting definitely helped out. After the bands swapped out and JP and I went back to the fridge to grab a fresh cold one before Frail Body goes on. Instead of mingling around the “party” and checking things out, I opt to watch the band from inside the small room. For being just 3 members the band makes a ton of noise but in a great way. They are a relatively newer band but their sound is a nod to early 2000’s post-hardcore/screamo. In a refreshing sense not in the way that that sound has been done before.

Frail Body live at The Woodroom

After the show, we started to head back home but we were both pleasantly entertained. Meeting cool people that also happen to be in a somewhat decent band that I actually like. Exploring an awesome, small, yet refreshing “venue” basically in my neighborhood. JP also did some beautiful camera work while recording the bands.

I also added an autographed copy of Frail Body’s “A Brief Memoriam” tour exclusive vinyl to my music collection. (limited to 300).

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