Spiritbox Secret Garden React Video

After some debate, I thought I would finally get around to creating some other types of content for my little blog here. Why not kick that off with a little reaction video? Those seem to be all the rage right now on YouTube, so why not take a crack at it. Here is my Spiritbox “Secret Garden” react video!

Spiritbox Secret Garden React
Still from “Secret Garden” Music Video

You may remember vocalist Courtney LaPlante and husband Mike Stringer both from the Avante-Garde mathcore group, iwrestledabearonce. That band ran from 2007 to 2016. Shortly after the duo started the current progressive metalcore/djent project everyone knows now as Spiritbox.

It has been hard to avoid the name Spiritbox in the last year or so. They have caught a whirlwind of media coverage since the release of their track, “Holy Roller“. “Secret Garden” is the 4th single the band has released that will be featured on their debut record. “Eternal Blue” is due out in September 17th, 2021 through Rise Records.

Spiritbox "Eternal Blue" album image
Spiritbox’s “Eternal Blue” album artwork

So far Spiritbox has released a varying mix of singles off the upcoming album. “Holy Roller” & “Circle With Me” somewhat showcases the band’s heavy side. While the track “Constance” gives us a look at the softer and more melodic side of the group. I am curious as to what version of the band we will see on the 4th single, “Secret Garden”.

Please keep in mind that this is my very first attempt at making a reaction video. It is probably far from perfect. It is also about am while I write this blog, so cut me a break. However, I promise that if you enjoy this type of content I will keep making them. Hopefully getting better each video.

Now without further ado, please take a look at my Spiritbox Secret Garden React Video.

Spiritbox Secret Gardern React

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